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しこーかいろは by のェエ+0+ on pixiv

Artist: mcdouchebag
Track: "do u wanna roleplay (every tumblr rper ever)"
Plays: 11,147 plays


jean-huh-kirschnickerdoodle challenged me to thing. so i thing. sorry for my shitty voice, yo.

lyrics for people who like lyrics:

Would you like to maybe role-play?
Come on, let’s go and thread
I promise I won’t get IC
Will you role-play with me?
Before I go to bed~
And then maybe tomorrow
We can continue
Where we had to say bye
Hey there friend do you wanna role-play?
I’ll send an ask to roleplay—
…I’m too shy.

Hey do you wanna try to role-play?
It can be script if you prefer
we can be dumb and silly
play with our OTP
our muses can be nerds! (hang in there baby)
I’ve gotten kind of lonely
and my muse is sad
and I miss talking to you
(clock noise)

Partner, please I know you’re waiting
My reply takes fifty years
My muse is nervous
and I am nervous too
with my reply to you
You’re such a dear…
I’m just so shy that I forgot how
to use detail when
replying to someone so great
But…do you still want to role play?



Excuse you.

He has no mercy at all.


I feel so squirmy right now. Above is my squirmy sound.

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Your muse finds mine like this:


What is your muse’s reaction?